Our Eco Mission


Knicks® pad- For each pair of Knicks®, you can save 4-6 tampons/pads from being dumped into landfills.

Knicks® packaging - Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Knicks® knickers are made in a manufacturing process that  

  • Uses sustainable materials
  • Creates 99% Less waste
  • Emits 65% less carbon
  • Uses 99% less water

compared to conventional textile manufacturing. Continue reading to learn how!

How we create sustainable Knickers

Many of you may know that the fashion industry is one of the largest polluters of our planet. Yet, what you may not know, is that the problem is not just the endless piles of clothes. Rather, it starts at the very beginning of the manufacturing process of all garments - even underwear! 

This is the manufacturing process of a regular garment:

  • Harvest & manmade fibers

  • Spinning yarn

  • Weaving & knitting

  • Dyeing & finishing

  • Cut & sew

  • International haul & distribution

  • Consumer & end of use (landfills)

Major polluting steps in this process:

Dyeing & Finishing  

  • Responsible for 25% of the textile industry's energy consumption and CO2 pollution. 
  • Contributes to 20% of industrial freshwater pollution.

Cut & Sew

20%-40% of cut fabrics are not even used, creating an enormous amount of waste.


In contrast, this is the manufacturing process of Cosyflex® Knickers:

  • Bio-based fiber & polymers producers

  • Cosyflex®

  • Straight to your door

  • Biodegradable

In our process, the Dyeing and Cutting steps are avoided, leading to:

  • A 99% reduction in water consumption – mostly due to the use of dope dyeing.
  • A 99% reduction in waste production- each garment is 3D printed (no cut & sew).
  •  All raw material waste generated in one cycle is used in the consecutive cycle.
  •   A 65% reduction in CO2 emission - products are manufactured within seconds, consuming a minimal amount of energy.
  •   Knicks® are manufactured in the UK and are sold locally.