Our Story

Tamar Giloh

Hi there!

I am Tamar Giloh, the creator of Knicks®.
All my life I have struggled with heavy periods. I experienced many embarrassing incidents as a teen, a student, a mother and a businesswoman. I was throwing out knickers, bed linens, clothes and even furniture because of leaks and stains. During my periods I was frightened to sit down, or even to stand up after sitting for a while. I was always anxious that someone might notice. There wasn’t a single feminine hygiene product which I could rely on.

When I learnt that I was not alone - that 20% of women suffer from a heavy flow - I became determined to solve the issue. But first, I had to understand its root, why couldn’t the existing products protect me? It turned out that this was due to a number of reasons including; problematic pads’ length and shaping, an awkward gap between the pad and the body, incorrect method of attachment which create poor positioning, poor absorption, pad’s tendency to crumple up in the crotch area – the most vulnerable area for leaks, and so much more…

I gathered all the information and designed a pad&knickers duo, that work together to provide the ultimate protection and, with the help of investors who believed in my solution, Tamicare Limited was established and Knicks® were created.
We partnered with the world’s leading experts and created a wafer-thin pad with a unique shape and structure, that can quickly capture and hold large quantities of fluids (at least 120 ml).

We developed knickers using a combination of materials which prevent leaks. The manufacturing process of these knickers evolved into Cosyflex® - our revolutionary technology, which produces fabrics via spraying processes.

As a busy woman, I wanted Knicks® to be a sustainable as possible, single-use solution ( a goal that we set for the development, already 15 years ago). Currently, Cosyflex® provides the most sustainable means of manufacturing textiles - it creates products in their intended shape without producing waste. Knicks® are made with Bio-based polymers and fibres that make them stretchy, body-hugging and attractive.
If I can allow you to leave your fears of leaks behind, my mission has been a success.

Knicks® are produced in Heywood, England.